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Re: Fwd: Re: Debian on mac68k

Am 30.05.2016 um 12:31 schrieb John Paul Adrian Glaubitz:
> On 05/30/2016 12:28 PM, Stefan Niestegge wrote:
>> Seems like for Geert it was something he just needed to be remembered
>> of. No idea how to CONFIG HANDLE on a system i cannot access.
> You are aware that anything starting with CONFIG_ is a kernel configuration
> option that you have to set when building the kernel? You have to rebuild
> the kernel to enable that.
> Adrian

No, i wasn't. Thats beyond my abilities. I just wanted to install Debian
to my friend's old Mac.

But how much sense makes a system that you can only use remotely?
I guess for you people that run buildds it has all you need. I'd prefer
a system i can use locally, on its own.

Perhaps there is an older kernel that can use your chroot, but still has
(unstable?) ADB keyboard support?

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