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Re: Debian on mac68k

On Sun, 21 Feb 2016, James Hemsing wrote:

> Even if you could compile on a IIfx, the amount of time it would take 
> would be astronomical. An Aranym build took me over an hour on an Ivy 
> Bridge i7. I believe someone on this list has made kvm m68k instances of 
> modern debian work on x86_64, and it is by far the fastest.
> Installing etch on my LC475 + FPU + 132MB of RAM and SCSI2SD took an 
> hour to install etch with barebones X, FWIW.

Compiling on your LC475 means a lot of I/O. You have the benefit of pseudo 
DMA to your SSD because the mac_esp driver supports the PDMA hardware.

OTOH, the IIfx has SCSI DMA hardware that should out-perform the LC475 
(I'm sure MacOS benchmarks would confirm this). Unfortunately, the 
mac_scsi 5380 driver can't exploit the IIfx DMA hardware, so I/O 
performance on the IIfx is rubbish compared to the LC475.


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