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Re: questionable use of qemu-m68k for building

On 12/06/2015 04:52 PM, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> John Paul Adrian Glaubitz dixit:
>> And it's not that Aranym doesn't have it's own problem. I'm still seeing
>> the issues with kswapd consuming over 50% CPU time from time to time
>> slowing down the emulated machine quite notably.
> Someone told me on SO the other day that he had this bug on
> an amd64 system, so it’s neither ARAnyM- nor m68k-specific.

You are right. We should all stop using amd64 machines now and
go back to using 486 machines. While we're at it, throw away all
TFT displays, SSDs and anything else that was invented in the
past 20 years.

Sorry Thorsten, but your drive to nostalgia is sometimes counter-
productive. When there is a bug, then the proper solution is to
fix it, not to circumvent it by using archaic hardware or software.

You are welcome to set up more Aranym buildds on your 32-bit
host systems, but just looking at the build times for gnugo,
for example, tells me that I am right and you are wrong:

> https://buildd.debian.org/status/logs.php?pkg=gnugo&arch=m68k


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