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Re: questionable use of qemu-m68k for building (was Re: ruby2.2 fuckup)

On 12/06/2015 12:13 PM, Laurent Vivier wrote:
> I think qemu-m68k is emulating precisely the FPU. I've checked the
> result of testfloat on qemu-m68k, and moreover I've compared the result
> of softloat on my Quadra 800 (68040 FPU) against the result of qemu-m68k.
> As I said, NaN is not defined correctly but it should be hidden for all
> applications that will not check the bit encoding.

And, according to Michael Karcher whom I fully trust when it comes to
issues like these, this is mostly harmless.

And it's not that Aranym doesn't have it's own problem. I'm still seeing
the issues with kswapd consuming over 50% CPU time from time to time
slowing down the emulated machine quite notably.

qemu-m68k, once the remaining issues have been ironed out, will be
incredibly helpful for catching up with the build queue.


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