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m68k port clears its Needs-Build queue


The m68k port cleared the Needs-Build queue for sid packages today:
So, congratulations!

Maybe one of the porters could explain the actual significance of this
(I think it's not exactly the first time?);  and the overall status of
the port, to debian-publicity@ and/or a blog post via Planet Debian?  Or
even just to me since I was curious enough to ask.

I guess now the emphasis is on packages that FTBFS so that the >2000
BD-Uninstallable packages can be built next.  However there are too many
to be listed on here:
so it's not clear which are most important, or have the most dependent
packages waiting on them.  Is there a better list for anyone who might
want to help with porting?

Steven Chamberlain

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