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Re: m68k port clears its Needs-Build queue

Steven Chamberlain dixit:

>Maybe one of the porters could explain the actual significance of this

Probably not much, as Ingo already said. Many packages are either
Failed, Not-For-Us, or BD-Uninstallable.

>so it's not clear which are most important, or have the most dependent
>packages waiting on them.  Is there a better list for anyone who might
>want to help with porting?

Yes! In this order, probably (boost-related means the latest/default one):

Anything boost-related (I think Andreas Schwab has posted patches). PHP.
OpenJDK. MozJS. GHC. Erlang. And anything else for which Andreas already
posted patches to the list, since it requires a porter to pick them up,
apply them, build them and upload to “unreleased”, test things,
then feed them to the package maintainer, who can then include
them and feed them to upstream.

<igli> exceptions: a truly awful implementation of quite a nice idea.
<igli> just about the worst way you could do something like that, afaic.
<igli> it's like anti-design.  <mirabilos> that too… may I quote you on that?
<igli> sure, tho i doubt anyone will listen ;)

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