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Re: Partitioning Atari Falcon in order to run linux/m68k

Geert, Adrian,

I'd love to do some further testing. However, I haven't been able to
boot 3.12 on my Amigas yet. Neither elgar (A4000) nor merlin (A1200)
like to boot with 3.12. elgar seems to be stuck forever (it doesn't
show any output beyond what you see), while merlin gets a kernel panic.

Merlin crashes because of the futex_init() issue on '030.

Thanks - in that case it might be better to apply the Blizzard SCSI commits to an earlier kernel version (they were done on 3.1o IIRC but should apply to earlier versions as well)?



Does elgar get further without "debug=ser"? You can use "debug=mem" instead,
and run the "dmesg" tool under AmigaOS.



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