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Re: Partitioning Atari Falcon in order to run linux/m68k

On 01/07/2014 09:38 AM, Michael Schmitz wrote:
>> Merlin crashes because of the futex_init() issue on '030.
> Thanks - in that case it might be better to apply the Blizzard SCSI
> commits to an earlier kernel version (they were done on 3.1o IIRC but
> should apply to earlier versions as well)?

merlin is my Amiga 1200 with the 030 accelerator while elgar is the
A4000 with the 060 accelerator and the Blizzard SCSI board, so this
patch isn't of any help for merlin.

elgar runs just fine with 3.10, merlin is still stuck on 3.2.0 because
math emulation was disabled for 3.10 and merlin does not have an FPU.

On the other hand, elgar does not boot 3.12 either but I don't get
anything which indicates a crash, it just stops booting. I haven't
had the time to try to boot it without "debug=ser" as Geert suggested.

I am currently busy with work and don't want to risk a longer down
time for elgar if I can't get it to boot with 3.12 easily. It currently
builds packages fine with 3.10, however I think 3.12 gives much
more performance (akire feels much faster) and it would be nice
to have the Blizzard SCSI controller work as well.


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