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Re: Current and upcoming toolchain changes for jessie

Am 15.06.2013 03:22, schrieb Stephan Schreiber:
> GCC-4.8 should become the default on ia64 soon; some other changes are desirable:
> - The transition of gcc-4.8/libgcc1 to libunwind8.
> - A removal of the libunwind7 dependency of around 4600 packages on ia64 - when
> they are updated next time after the transition. The libc6.1 should (likely)
> depend on libunwind8 after that in order to guarantee that libunwind8 is installed.

unless some ia64 porter steps up, it doesn't make sense to invest time into the
ia64 port. So better drop ia64 now, and don't bother with libunwind on ia64.


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