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Re: Atari TT

Hi Thorsten,

> >Does the 'crashing' kernel indeed crash (i.e. the floppy stops blinking)? 
> AFAIHH it does (did, I disabled the heartbeat LED option now since
> someone complained) *not* stop blinking.

So it's not entirely dead yet. IIRC my old driver crashed the kernel hard so
this may be something different after all. 

New set of patches for Atari network and USB drivers has just gone to
linux-m68k. This is based on Geert's 3.8.0-rc5 pulled early this week, and
the kernel does run OK on my Falcon (ne.c driver built as module currently,
but it worked as builtin in 3.7.0-rc7). Give these a try. 



> bye,
> //mirabilos
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