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Re: kullervo

Ingo J�rgensmann dixit:

>My subjective impression is that everything has gotten slower anyway.

Funnily enough, mine’s that sometime in 2010 or 2011, things
got faster again, except for anything using TLS or atomics,
of course. Might be the compiler.

>Dpkg needs way more memory due to the size of available packages and
>parsing nearly 10000 packages is more time consuming than 2500

30000 packages. We have nearly 10000 *source* packages.

>But my impression is as well that gcc is producing slower
>code as well. But as said: subjective impression.

Right, I have the opposite impression about gcc, but I do
see noticeable speed issues with TLS and atomics due to the
need to use a syscall. (I’d rather break the ABI and define
a new one, with a register for TLS set aside and a VDSO for
atomics that only call into the kernel when required.)

„nein: BerliOS und Sourceforge sind Plattformen für Projekte, github ist
eine Plattform für Einzelkämpfer“
	-- dieses Zitat ist ein Beweis dafür, daß auch ein blindes Huhn
	   mal ein Korn findet, bzw. – in diesem Fall – Recht haben kann

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