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Re: kullervo

Christian T. Steigies dixit:

>do I need to run the latest 3.x kernel with it (which does not support
>most SCSI drivers)?

Yes, the absolute minimum currently is 3.2.35 as earlier versions
*will* lock up, spin idle/busy loops, or do other weird things in
threaded applications or ones using atomics.

>But I can test kernels on this machine, maybe even build (gcc-4.4.6 is

There’s gcc-4.6 in sid ;-)

>When the fschk is through I will have a look at the chroots,
>maybe I can already fire up a buildd?

Not with the old kernel, really not. And you probably should
re-do the chroots (quicker than upgrading them).

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eine Plattform für Einzelkämpfer“
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