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Re: kullervo

Christian T. Steigies dixit:

>> Where do you run the first part of debootstrap? I don't think I ever ran that on
>> the target, except for PS3, which was sufficiently beefy.

Mh, the target does work…

>Where? On kullervo of course. I don't remember that it used to be so slow,

Consider the sheer size of the Packages file for unstable.
Running debootstrap against my repo (whose “sid” distribution
only contains packages from unstable/main and unreleased/main
plus the keyring) is much much faster for that precise reason.

>Unpacking the tarball from Thorsten was much quicker...

That’s even more faster, yes ;-) It’s a matter of convenience…
I know that the process works, so you don’t *all* need to run
the (slower) process every time, but can still do so if you wish.

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