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Re: Bootup and login performance (was Re: kullervo)


On lauantai 26 tammikuu 2013, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Wouter Verhelst dixit:
> >The quick and dirty way: edit /etc/shadow, and replace the $6$-using
> >password with a $1$-using one?
> Sure…
> tg@blau:~ $ encrypt -m root
> $1$0XdPa4l/$DwPc0L9WReF7goIKixNyk1
> So you can use that for root:root in the initial setup.
> I could update the tarball (and, possibly, the ext2fs
> image) if you think that is justified. Otherwise, I’d
> put that into the readme?

Maybe both?

* Have sha512 as default and instructions for changing it
* Have the trivial & already known default password(s) as md5

	- Eero

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