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Re: wanna-build

Am 30.12.2012 um 16:24 schrieb Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org>:

> I've been thinking that rather than trying to build everything, we could
> prioritize based on what we think would be more useful to build (or
> based on feedback from users, what they would want). We could use this
> build-priority value to reorder packages in that manner. Thoughts?

Sounds reasonable. 

> Having said that, we could still use some extra buildd hosts;
> unfortunately it turned out that arrakis' memory was bad, so that means

Just about 3 weeks to wait until the RAM will be replaced. 

> we have "only" three active machines right now (elgar, vivaldi, and 
> ara5, Thorsten's ARAnyM VM). I'm going to look at adding ska, quickstep,
> and an ARAnyM VM of my own later today, but for the time being it's just
> those three; if anyone is up for reviving some machines, please do!

Well, yes, Akire would be ready as well - except for the missing SCSI driver in newer kernels. This is especially bad, because the Blizzard2060 is said to support upto 256 MB RAM in newer revisions of that accel board, which this one seems to be. 
I could setup Spice as well, but that's only a 68040/40 with 64 MB RAM. 

But after the mention on Slashdot I got an offer from Graz for some machines. I've just contacted the person and asked he could make one of his machines (A2000/060) available... we'll see... 

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