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Re: [buildd] Vivaldi & Elgar sbuild ready, Arrakis next

Ingo Jürgensmann dixit:

>The problem is, that you'll need to find a solution of hiding/marking
>already signed mails/uploaded packages. When builld admin A
>signs/uploads a package or mark it whatever state, that should be

No, it’s not about buildd package management what I was proposing.
All of that should be automatic anyway.

>But yes, a collaboritve solution would be nice to have. :-)

What I was talking about was stuff like:
• upgrade the chroot, if not done automatically
• look at failures
• be a contact point for m68k buildd related stuff
• upgrade the *host* systems regularily (since we do and must
  run unstable, though in my experience, that’s unproblematic)
• etc.

>In general you question the w-b database by invoking something like
>wanna-build --query or --list or so and it gives back some packages.
>You can then claim a package by issueing another w-b call and the
>state turns from needs-build to building. Depending on the outcome of

Hrm, okay. “Sounds like fun.”

I guess I’ll have a look at it. How *does* that work, anyway?
Is that just a wrapper around ssh with some magic remote command?

I’ll need to look at that more.

>Maybe some things changed a little since then... 

As usual ☺

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