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Fwd: Log for attempted build of 6tunnel_0.11rc2-7 on m68k (dist=unstable)


Ok, this looks basically good, although the build wasn't sucessful. I setup a chroot, ran 

buildd@elgar:~$ sbuild -v -d unstable -c buildd 6tunnel_0.11rc2-7

and sbuild created a LVM snapshot, updated the chroot, installed build-deps, the 6tunnel source and started to run the configure script. 
I guess the build failed because of some misconfiguration of sbuild:

dpkg-buildpackage: source package 6tunnel
dpkg-buildpackage: source version 0.11rc2-7
 dpkg-source --before-build 6tunnel-0.11rc2
dpkg-buildpackage: host architecture m68k
 fakeroot debian/rules clean
dh clean
 debian/rules build-arch
dh build-arch
   dh_testdir -a
   debian/rules override_dh_auto_configure
make[1]: Entering directory `/«PKGBUILDDIR»'
[ -f Makefile ] || sh ./autogen.sh
checking for gcc... gcc
checking whether the C compiler works... yes
checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
checking for suffix of executables...
configure: error: in `/«PKGBUILDDIR»':
configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.
If you meant to cross compile, use `--host'.
See `config.log' for more details
make[1]: *** [override_dh_auto_configure] Error 1
checking whether we are cross compiling... make[1]: Leaving directory `/«PKGBUILDDIR»'
make: *** [build-arch] Error 2
dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build-arch gave error exit status 2

Seems as if the wrong arch was tried/set. 

But what's not that good is, that builds needs much, much longer nowadays. This sbuild run took >1 hour on Elgar while with the old buildd/sbuild suites the build was faster. Maybe we can speed things up by installed some more packages like fakeroot and such in the chroot and don't let them installed by sbuild. 

@Wouter: do you have the time to look into buildd/sbuild config or send me a (cleaned from credentials) setup of a working buildd? I would try to adopt the changes

Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht:

> Von: buildd@elgar.buildd.net
> Betreff: Log for attempted build of 6tunnel_0.11rc2-7 on m68k (dist=unstable)
> Datum: 20. Dezember 2012 10:43:38 MEZ
> An: ij@bluespice.org

Attachment: 6tunnel_0.11rc2-7_m68k-20121220-0941.build.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

> Build Architecture: m68k
> Build-Space: 540
> Build-Time: 334
> Distribution: unstable
> Fail-Stage: build
> Host Architecture: m68k
> Install-Time: 1456
> Job: 6tunnel_0.11rc2-7
> Machine Architecture: m68k
> Package: 6tunnel
> Package-Time: 3667
> Source-Version: 0.11rc2-7
> Space: 540
> Status: attempted
> Version: 0.11rc2-7

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