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Re: gnutls26 insanely slow on m68k (compared to openssl)

Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de> writes:

> Simon Josefsson dixit:
>>Can you try using gnutls-cli to see if the slowness is in the handshake
>>or the transfer or something else?  Most benchmarks I've done and read
>>indicate GnuTLS is comparable to OpenSSL in speed -- there are no
>>dramatic differences, and each have better performance in some areas.
> Sure, if you tell me the magic invocation I should use ;-)


gnutls-cli -p 443 www.host.com -d 4711

and then type 'GET / HTTP/1.1' RET RET or whatever the URL that you
requested was.  This should do the same as wget does, right?  I may have
missed the initial part of this discussion, but as far as I recall it
was just regular downloading of some data over HTTPS.

>>The reason for a 64-time slowdown is likely a non-crypto bug somewhere.
> I agree, but I’d like to track that, to get apt-transport-https usable
> and wget into usable speeds again ;-)

Sure.  Using a process profiling tool like gcov/lcov may be useful as
well, to locate where the slowdown is.


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