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Re: SEGV (was Re: Internal compiler error on m68k for gcc-4.6)

Ingo Jürgensmann dixit:

> Well, gcc-4.3 just built fine with that amount of RAM. Anyway, there's no
> possibility to extend that. All Amigas are maxed out at 128M. In the past that
> was never an issue.

Well, in the past, we didn’t have aggressively broken/over-optimising
compilers and standards that legalise that, TLS, etc. and the software
was much smaller as well.

> I built much larger packages that came near to 1 GB of swap usage

In that case, ok. It would still exercise the memory more than before.

> As I said: we need to reduce the number of packages. ;-)

I don’t think that’s the solution. But we’ve disagreed on that
often enough. I’d like less planning, more builds ;)

(The GCC ICE/SEGV may be unrelated to the schroot error.)

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