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Re: SEGV (was Re: Internal compiler error on m68k for gcc-4.6)

Ingo J�mann dixit:

>Well, as I said: I can run some memory testing tomorrow. This, of
>course, doesn't guarantee that the memory is without any faults, if
>nothing pops up. Only if something is found, then it's sure that the
>memory is faulty. But what if the test won't show memory issues? I'll

Right, could be disc, bus, Elko, etc. or…

>start another try on a second machine in the meanwhile. Schroot
>segfaults there as well, but I can try the same on my third machine. I
>hardly doubt that the memory is causing the same issues in 3 different
>machines. That's why I believe it's a toolchain problem...

… something like that, indeed. I’d guess it would have popped up by
now somehow though, especially as gcc is tested on bare metal, espe-
cially Coldfire, regularily…

Another guess, is there enough RAM?

Also, what happens if you run the segfaulting command repeatedly?

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