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Re: Kernel 3.2.0-3-amiga & cirrusfb

Hi Thorsten,
(Note that the cmpxchg fix is now queued for 3.2.27 and other
stable series so that way is definitely a possibility; the
Atari interrupt also seems to be queued… so we can really keep
using the Debian kernels, modulo hardware drivers – fixes for
these can probably go in via stable, and EtherN* backports,
once accepted in mainline, might go in via Debian directly,
if we can convince the maintainers.)
What of Atari interrupt stuff went in via stable? The VBL level patch? This won't help anything with ethernet drivers.

Ethernet drivers are new stuff as far as Linus is concerned, and Geert hasn't submitted them yet. For good reason - the last bit of support (the interrupt changes) is still missing.



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