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Re: Kernel 3.2.0-3-amiga & cirrusfb

Hi Ingo,

On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 12:45 AM, Ingo Jürgensmann
<ij@2012.bluespice.org> wrote:
> Just trying to get kernel 3.2.0-3-amiga to work on one of my Amigas (A4000T)....

3.2.0. That one doesn't have my cirrusfb probe rewrite and fixes?
You need at least 3.3 for that.

> The good: kernel boots and is working
> The bad: cirrusfb doesn't seem to work with PicassoIV
> I tried several variations of video=cirrusfb settings as kernel parameter, but all I get is a grey screen with some stripes in the lower half of the screen.
> vivaldi:~# dmesg | grep -i cirrus
> [   37.780000] cirrusfb 02: CL Picasso4 board detected
> [   37.790000] cirrusfb 02:  REG at $40600000
> [   37.800000] cirrusfb 02: Cirrus Logic chipset on Zorro bus, RAM (32 MB) at $40000000
> 02: Village Tronic Picasso IV Z3 [Graphics Card]
>         Type: Zorro III
>         Address: 40000000 (02000000 bytes)
>         Serial number: 00000000
>         Slot address: 4000
>         Slot size: 0200
> Additionally, video=vga doesn't work as well as video=amifb doesn't, but video=pal-lace works.

Sorry, can't parse that sentence, esp. the second "doesn't".

Amifb supports both "vga" and "pal-lace".
For cirrusfb, you can use the whole standard video mode database.

> Any hints or tips?

What's the last kernel version that worked? Bisection?
Does it work if you update drivers/video/cirrusfb.c to the latest version?

For the record, I don't have any Cirrus hardware.



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