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Re: MiNT cross-compiler

On 21/02/12 18:16, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
Alan Hourihane dixit:

On 21/02/12 00:11, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
Alan Hourihane dixit:

I've rebuilt atari-bootstrap. Just ping me if you need something.
Documentation. Just dropping in binaries will give us
the current situatioin where the .deb ships stuff that
is not in correspondence with the source.
So where does this documentatio need updating ?
There is none at all. Nobody seems to know (even going back
to postings to debian-68k back in 2004) how to compile it.

O.k. so there is none. Isn't there a debian-m68k wiki that I can put it, so it doesn't get lost ?


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