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Re: MiNT cross-compiler

Thorsten Glaser wrote:
I’ve been looking for the MiNT cross-compiler in order to be able
to rebuild the Debian package atari-bootstrap.

Hello, Thorsten.

Thanks for your interest in my cross-tools.

I knew that Linux/68k existed, but I was not aware of the Debian/68k project and its Atari hardware support.

I’ve found your patches, which seem to have been rebased against current
versions of GCC and binutils.

Yes, I upgrade them when new official versions are available.

Did you consider submitting those upstream?

Your question is about the binutils/GCC patches for the MiNT target, right?

It could also be about submitting my Ubuntu packages upstream. They can also be successfully recompiled for Debian Testing.

Who wrote them and who else contributed to them in significant
(i.e. relevant for FSF copyright assignments) amount? Do you and
them have filed the forms for that?

The original author of the patches was Guido Flohr. Then I made some changes.
I once asked to the binutils mailing list if I could contribute the MiNT patches upstream, they told me that the original author had to fill the forms. So I temporarily gave up. But I could ask Guido for that, even if he is no more active on the MiNT scene. Also, I think that a few thing should be cleaned up before an official integration. Also, the m68k-atari-mint target uses an a.out variant for executables and object files, fortunately this has not yet been obsoleted.

Do you want me to try to get the patches integrated into standard
Debian, at least? (Intent to submit it upstream helps with that.)

Of course, that would be great.
But a few other people also produce binaries with those patches (native MiNT ports, Gentoo...) so it would be better to push them upstream into binutils/GCC.

What components do you use in your Debian distribution, in order to rebuild the atari-bootstrap package? The full MiNT toolchain (binutils + GCC + MiNTLib + PML)?


Vincent Rivière

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