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Re: MiNT cross-compiler

Vincent Rivière dixit:

>> Did you consider submitting those upstream?
> Your question is about the binutils/GCC patches for the MiNT target, right?

Yes, indeed.

> It could also be about submitting my Ubuntu packages upstream. They can also be
> successfully recompiled for Debian Testing.

Probably, but I’d rather get them integrated into FSF code if
at all possible. Otherwise, I _can_ try to get them into the
Debian packages (properly separated, etc.), but it’s preferable
to have it upstream (so GCC can fix it if needed, etc).

> I once asked to the binutils mailing list if I could contribute the MiNT
> patches upstream, they told me that the original author had to fill the forms.

Well yes, everyone who has done copyright-worthy work has to
file them.

> What components do you use in your Debian distribution, in order to rebuild the
> atari-bootstrap package? The full MiNT toolchain (binutils + GCC + MiNTLib +
> PML)?

I’ve got no idea. Nobody seems to know, and there seems to be no
documentation what is needed, where or how to get/make it.

I think binutils and gcc and the flags utility at least. No idea
whether more is needed. (With the Debian hat on, real MiNT also
is not my interest, similar to you. The unpatched source code of
atari-bootstrap uses an m68k-tos-gcc where I can find even less
information of.) If I work on it, I’d like to work from unmodified
Debian sources if at all possible, so I’d be trying to get the
“regular” way of https://wiki.debian.org/BuildingCrossCompilers
to work for these. Maybe even upload the packages, if doko agrees.

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