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Re: test suites

Finn Thain dixit:

>looks at the results. But if m68k build logs were (once again) made 
>available at <http://buildd.debian.org/> then there would be an argument 
>for enabling tests. (Though perhaps it is best if some build machines skip 

Yes, but they are put there by a buildd, and the buildds can’t work
at the moment. I suppose some should definitively skip checks. Let’s
just say: not right now, but definitively later.

(I think my priority is to get things _available_ and _installable_;
when (not if) they have bugs, these can always be fixed later.)

>I imagine that pressure for faster turn-around might cause a release 
>architecture (like hppa) to disable them, but this would not apply to us(?)

It does: the longer we take to keep up with building the archive, the
more manual effort is necessary to make dependencies available, fix
stuff, etc. That’s why I’m under a bit of pressure to get this working
before gcc-defaults switches to gcc-4.5 and during a time eglibc and
linux-2.6 can be built with what we have (I’m concentrating on gcc-4.4
exclusively for that at the moment). I think we are in even greater
need of fast turn-arounds right now, or at least once I uploaded the
set of packages to debian-ports.org… (by the way, hppa isn’t a release
architecture for squeeze).

Once the archive is in relatively good a state, and the buildds have a
chance to keep up, testsuites ought to be run of course.

It’s a bit sad. I agree with you, but pragmatism tells me to skip them.

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