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Re: status report (intermediate)

Dixi quod…

>• eglibc (dirty), gcc-4.4 (dirty), linux-2.6 (currently building)

No change, linux-2.6 still building, but I think this is the last
flavour (mvme16x, and it’s at net/tipc already so it shouldn’t take
much longer).

>• elfutils (manually built; pending patching, but can rebuild for unreleased)

I’ll binNMU that as I did the others, then upload to unreleased
with the others.

>• built 103 binary packages for uploading to unstable

We’re at 134 now, including python2.6.

>I’ll have a look at util-linux again soonish, and quite possibly gcc

Planning to do that this weekend.

>At the moment, gettext is a showstopper for dpkg, which needs to be

Built git, so I think I should have all of gettext’s dependencies,
sans Java™, which I’ll disable and upload to unreleased, as per
discussion with the maintainer. However, I rebuild libxml2 and
glib2.0 (its dependencies) too because they’re quite old. I found
out I need python2.5 in addition to python2.6 for python-all-dev,
so building that too.

I’ve set DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck again, because they were taking
up too much time in some cases. The results for python2.6 don’t look
100% good, but neither do they on other architectures, and honestly,
I don’t believe people look at them or use them really. Also, some of
the official buildds (e.g. hppa) have it disabled too. I think I’ll
keep it enabled when building gcc on Ingo’s Amigas, just to have some
kind of logs and something for people reviewing our patches to go
over, but concentrate on building building building, especially as
gcc-defaults in experimental wants gcc-4.5, the linux-2.6 maintainers
are starting with the next version, etc. and, despite people not wanting
to upload to unstable m68k fixes due to the freeze, I think right now
is the time where unstable is the most stable, so it’s perfect for what
I’m doing, if I don’t mind using unreleased (which I don’t).

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