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Re: ARAnyM built packages, and helping buildds along

Stephen R. Marenka dixit:

>Very likely. The only caution I have for gcc-4.3 is that some of the ICE
>bugs were fixed in gcc-4.4.

Very well. gcc-4.3 built for me, and I attempted to upload
it to unreleased – no idea if it’ll end up there, as I did
not get an eMail – and here:
see also: https://eurynome.mirbsd.org/debs/debidx.htm

>I'm still trying to build all of the gcc-4.4 dependencies.

I took your binutils 2.20 and everything else either from etch-m68k,
sid or self-compiled (and then uploaded to unstable, except texlive,
where I hand-patched the .deb of the 2005er version).

I’m currently building (dual core ⇒ 2 ARAnyM instances ☺) both
gcc-4.4 and texlive-2009 from unstable, possible suitable for
an upload. (gcc-4.3 without testsuite took 52 hours; I’m running
the testsuite for gcc-4.4 just to be sure.) Dependencies that
are not in unstable (those I took from etch-m68k) can probably
be built by the buildds if that works (otherwise either you or
me can take them on).

FWIW, I'm quite impressed with mksh interactively. I thought it was much
*much* more bare bones. But it turns out it beats the living hell out of
ksh93 in that respect. I'd even consider it for my daily use if I hadn't
wasted half my life on my zsh setup. :-) -- Frank Terbeck in #!/bin/mksh

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