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distcc recommendation


I was just following up to a response I had posted a few days ago. I believe that as long each ARAnyM instance is identical in setup to the others, distcc will work without issue. The issue of ccache may not be of importance, simply due to the fact that most of the compiles performed may or may not be rendundant enough to facilitate needing to cache these. In the situation of multiple processors, this would be beneficial for testing and debugging. IN the following days, I hope to test this out myself and report back with my findings. However, I encourage those out there to take advantage of distcc in order to increase productivity and reduce compile times almost linearly to the amount of processors involved int he compile. As previously mentioned, this exact method was used to compile a C++ bsuiness management system for 3500 units nationwide for a major pizza chain (my previous employer).

Britton Dodd

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