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Re: Bootstrapping sid (was m68k Debian lenny?)

I built a cross compiler with patched sid source packages because the
patches aren't in sid. The exception is sid binutils which has support for
NPTL/TLS on m68k.

If you want the patches that I use, I can send links. I suggest, first you
should read up on the gory details (in the archives of this mailing list).

I've been reading... Would it help to have a public CVS tree so that others can easily access a pre-patched set of sources?

Right. It is also found on the debian ISO's, along with everything else
you need.

I don't know where the etch-m68k installer ISO's went. I'll rip it and
upload it if they can't be located.

I suppose my little rant about the URLs just illustrates the fact that we need a working URL. I'd be happy to host that ISO.

You need a bootloader (penguin is a good start), kernel (and perhaps
initrd), and an installer ISO.

If your kernel lacks the modules needed for installation, you'll also need
the initrd that belongs with that kernel (both are found on the ISO).

So in order to bootstrap, you need three or four parts, if I am to understand this correctly: you need a kernel, you need an initrd22.gz file (or the like) which is configured with modules for supporting the boot method, and you need a ramdisk image. Depending on the boot method, you'd then install over the Internet (which I assume won't work for m68k etch) or the magic ISO you mention above.

Part of the reason it has been so confusing is because I can't find these files. I'm sure the ISO will help tremendously.

The kernel downloads I linked to in my previous messages should work
(without initrd) since that's how I installed etch. If it doesn't work for
you, I'll add any missing modules.

I've downloaded several kernels for m68k Mac and tried booting them. They all panic after not being able to find the filesystem image regardless of what I select in the Penguin booter.

Have you ever tried a debian installation? If so, which of the many
methods did you use?

The last time I installed any GNU/Linux on m68k was back in the mid 1990s. I used a bucketload of low density Amiga floppy disks.

For instance, here's how you install NetBSD:

Read a debian etch install manual and you'll get some idea of the process.
It isn't the same as NetBSD.

No; I was just using the mini-NetBSD how-to as an example of giving someone with some Unix experience enough information to get started. I'm kinda getting there with Debian.



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