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Re: Bootstrapping sid (was m68k Debian lenny?)

Hi John,

On Fri, 12 Mar 2010, John Klos wrote:

>     Meanwhile, if it boots, you should be able to install etch-m68k by
>     putting suite=etch-m68k on the kernel arg line.
> I thought at least I could use it to bootstrap etch, but if there's a 
> better way, please let me know.

The etch-m68k installer worked for me, with the kernel command line 
arguments "suite=etch-m68k modules=etch-support".


You can also use debootstrap. A while ago I wrote some messages to the 
list about the former method, and Geert and I wrote a howto for the latter 
method. (By now it probably needs a few tweaks for recent Debian/Ubuntu 


There was a post on the mailing list reporting that a Net Install for 
etch-m68k is possible by copying the ISO to an HFS partition.

> Does there exist an available set of binaries of kernel 2.6.31, gcc 
> 4.4.1, eglibc-2.10, all with the TLS and NPTL patches?

The toolchain I built was a cross-compiler. I never built native binaries 
for binutils and gcc, and I didn't package the eglibc binaries.

I did tar some kernel binaries, which probably have the TLS/NPTL patches 
(it was a while ago, I don't recall exactly):


This kernel should work on a Q650. I do have such a machine, so I may be 
able to help if it doesn't work on yours.

> ... I gather that installing etch-m68k and bootstrapping TLS and NPTL 
> patched gcc and kernel would be far from trivial...

Yes, it is complicated. The sid source packages for linux, eglibc and gcc 
need patches, but that's the easy part.

The difficult (and slow) part is building and rebuilding everything in the 
right order, with the right hacks to resolve circular deps. 
Cross-compiling side-steps a lot of those issues but it isn't any use for 
Debian buildd's (though it could work with Gentoo/m68k).

BTW, latest upstream binutils and GCC releases already have TLS/NPTL 
support for m68k. The git repos for glibc and Linux appear to have 
TLS/NPTL patches merged, but not yet released.


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