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Re: Bootstrapping sid (was m68k Debian lenny?)


I guess I should add that I've never actually tested gcc-4.5. The release
notes say that the feature is there.

Ok... So one of the first steps is seeing how difficult it is to get gcc 4.5 up and running.

glibc or eglibc?

Only glibc at present.

But it is a bit academic, since my cross-compiler used the packages
sources from sid. So we have patches.

So the patches are already in sid? I wish I understood how to get the sources.

I'm still at the bootstrap phase. It seems that there are files here, there and everywhere. I can download the Penguin bootloader from here:


I can't find a single filesystem image for m68k here:


I can't find any here:


Nothing here:


This is completely out of date:


This is, for all practical purposes, empty:


There's nothing, old or otherwise, for m68k here:


The web pages are certainly less than helpful. Here, for instance:


there is mention of Motorola 680x0, but there are no download links. So one has to look around to find this:


These pages only talk about CD images, and nowhere in the documentation is it mentioned whether the ramdisk parameter in the Penguin bootloader will be happy with an .iso file.

Looking at all of the directories in here:


doesn't help. Every image is 1.2 to 1.5 megabytes. It's hardly clear what each of the different initrd22.gz files is for, and why there's a different one for cdrom, floppy, hd-media, et cetera.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I find it exceedingly difficult to even figure out how to get started! What would be helpful to me and what might encourage others to try would be some simple instructions and perhaps a small collection of working links.

For instance, here's how you install NetBSD:

Set up a hard drive with a small bootable Mac partiton (with System Folder), an A/UX Root&Usr partition, and an A/UX swap partition (or have a separate hard drive for NetBSD).

Download this:
and this:
to the Mac OS volume.

Launch the BSD-Mac68k Booter, select the netbsd-INSTALL.gz file, and boot. Use the boot menu to install the OS.

To do a manual install, hit control-C at the installer, do a newfs to the A/UX partition, mount it, configure the network, ftp anonymously to ftp.NetBSD.org and download /pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-5.0.2/mac68k/binary/sets/*.tgz, untargzip them, run MAKEDEV all in the dev directory, set up etc/fstab and etc/rc.conf, reboot, and update the settings in the BSD-Mac68k Booter to boot the NetBSD kernel (/netbsd) from the A/UX partition.

Can someone help me understand how the pieces of Debian go together enough to get a working system, or perhaps offer some simple instructions for a dummy like above? I feel like I'm just randomly trying to put pieces together from too many different places. I can't get a cohesive picture (yet).

John Klos

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