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Re: Bootstrapping sid (was m68k Debian lenny?)

On Mon, 15 Mar 2010, John Klos wrote:

> Hi,
> > I guess I should add that I've never actually tested gcc-4.5. The 
> > release notes say that the feature is there.
> Ok... So one of the first steps is seeing how difficult it is to get gcc 
> 4.5 up and running.

Sid only has gcc-4.4. Stephen is working on it.
> > > glibc or eglibc?
> > 
> > Only glibc at present.
> > 
> > But it is a bit academic, since my cross-compiler used the packages 
> > sources from sid. So we have patches.
> So the patches are already in sid? I wish I understood how to get the 
> sources.

I built a cross compiler with patched sid source packages because the 
patches aren't in sid. The exception is sid binutils which has support for 
NPTL/TLS on m68k.

If you want the patches that I use, I can send links. I suggest, first you 
should read up on the gory details (in the archives of this mailing list).

> I'm still at the bootstrap phase. It seems that there are files here, 
> there and everywhere. I can download the Penguin bootloader from here:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/linux-mac68k/files/

Right. It is also found on the debian ISO's, along with everything else 
you need.

> ... This is completely out of date:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/linux-mac68k/files/

It is. People were generally using Stephen's daily kernel builds so I 
never uploaded a 2.6 kernel to sourceforge.

> ... The web pages are certainly less than helpful.

I'm afraid the debian etch installation manual never offered correct links 
for etch-m68k downloads.

I don't know where the etch-m68k installer ISO's went. I'll rip it and 
upload it if they can't be located.

> ... nowhere in the documentation is it mentioned whether the ramdisk 
> parameter in the Penguin bootloader will be happy with an .iso file.

You need a bootloader (penguin is a good start), kernel (and perhaps 
initrd), and an installer ISO.

If your kernel lacks the modules needed for installation, you'll also need 
the initrd that belongs with that kernel (both are found on the ISO).

The kernel downloads I linked to in my previous messages should work 
(without initrd) since that's how I installed etch. If it doesn't work for 
you, I'll add any missing modules.

> Looking at all of the directories in here ... doesn't help.

Have you ever tried a debian installation? If so, which of the many 
methods did you use?

> For instance, here's how you install NetBSD:

Read a debian etch install manual and you'll get some idea of the process. 
It isn't the same as NetBSD.


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