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Re: BD-Uninstallable

Hi Thorsten,

> both mksh and makefs currently are in BD-Uninstallable, although
> not only are versions of the packages in question (cpio|pax for
> mksh, pmake for makefs) named, but I also can build them on my
> Aranym box just fine.
> ① Why are these failing to build?

After talking to Aurel - it turns out that our glibc version was removed from 
the archive, it has been re-added for now. 

Depencency hell indeed. 

> ② Does it make sense for me to upload m68k binary packages?
>   (I’ve seen that Aranym-built packages seem to be acceptable,
>   although I currently don’t have cowbuilder set up in it but
>   merely build “normally”.) If so, can I (as DM but not DD)
>   request upload rights?

Send a signing pubkey, preferably one that has a signature or two added that are 
known in the Debian keyring. I will forward that key to Aurel. 

Please sign the key with your own secret key, and encrypt it to my public key. 


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