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Re: BD-Uninstallable


> both mksh and makefs currently are in BD-Uninstallable, although
> not only are versions of the packages in question (cpio|pax for
> mksh, pmake for makefs) named, but I also can build them on my
> Aranym box just fine.

cpio and pax are listed as installed. So is pmake. mksh abd makefs do not list 
on the status page 
(http://www.debian-ports.org/~smarenka/m68kbugs/reports/status.html) at all.

> ① Why are these failing to build?

mksh is a puzzler (both dependencies are listed OK so the database should have 
changed the state to needs-build) - makefs build-depends on debhelper (looking 
at wanna-build) but debhelper is not listed. Neither is it installed on 
kullervo or crest. Since it is arch-all, I'll try to get makefs unstuck using 
pretend-avail ... but maybe debhelper got uninstallable in the meantime? I'll 
check that...
> ② Does it make sense for me to upload m68k binary packages?
>   (I’ve seen that Aranym-built packages seem to be acceptable,
>   although I currently don’t have cowbuilder set up in it but
>   merely build “normally”.) If so, can I (as DM but not DD)
>   request upload rights?

I think those of us that still reacted seemed to agree that upload rights for 
m68k on debian-ports.org should no longer be restricted to developers. In order 
to get you upload rights, we may need to make sure your key is known to mini-dak 
on ports.debian.org. I'll ask Aurel about that.

> I tried IRC, but it’s been more dead than before, or so I think.
> (But then, from the list archives, the mailing list seems so, too.)

Not quite dead, but certainly extremely low volume. 


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