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status of Q950


I installed vmlinuz-2.6.29-2 in the build of October 3rd on my Q950.

It seems that everything is fine. That means no new problem. I compiled some of my code on it for several hours using an external hard disk; it works. THus both the internal and the external SCSI bus work. Ethernet seems to work and local keyboard too, as well as the console.

I did not try X11, I had trouble last time and I run apt-get update and found no packages to update.
Which apt-sources should I use? Or were there in 3 Months absolutely no updates?

Of course all standard Q950 problems remain:
- system clock not detected and and also the clock doesn't get inherited from the mac any way
- hardware shutdown and reboot do not work. This is inconvenient, since I use now the machine essentially headless over the ethernet and being unable to reboot is a nuisance

IN nay case thanks for keeping up the good work! My next tests will be on the IIfx.

Apparently, the only two 68k I have left in active usage... are the two most troublesome machines around!


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