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Re: debian kernel m68k patches for 2.6.29

On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 01:48, Michael Schmitz
<schmitz@biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> wrote:
>> Now my git skills have been growing, I created two new branches:
>>   - m68k-v2.6.29
>>   - queue
> Cool...
> I had to fix a merge conflict in atari_defconfig and multi_defconfig
> when pulling the m68k-v2.6.29 branch (EtherNEC builtin vs. module, which is the
> correct setting?). Looks like I better restart from a fresh clone just for the
> Debian stuff.

If you pulled from my master branch before, and now try to merge the
m68k-v2.6.29 branch,
then you will get conflicts.

>> And a few things from master, the continuous development branch:
>>   - atari mouse/keyboard fixes (are they complete? IIRC not yet)
> There's a bit of Eiffel emulation code missing (mouse wheel IIRC) that I could
> not test on ARAnyM at that time. My development tree has the necessary bits
> already, I just need to test them. The mouse driver (input driver part) looks
> incredibly messy as a result of all this, and could need a review.

IIRC, there were still some other problems with the version I have, when I last
tried on ARAnyM. Don't remember the details, I'll have to dig into my
mail archive.

>> If you (talking to `owners' of the stuff on the big topic branches now ;-) think
>> something is finished and ready for upstream, I can squash the commits together
>> using `git rebase -i' and submit them upstream...
> Hint, hint ... what's the policy regarding driver duplication these days?

Avoid it. Extract the common part. I guess you mean for scc?



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