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Re: kullervo up again

On Tue, Dec 09, 2008 at 12:11:21PM +0100, Christian T. Steigies wrote:

> The new disks in crest and kullervo did both boot on my Amiga2000/B2060, but
> they did not boot in crest or kullervo. There must be a difference between
> the SCSI controllers and large disks. The main problem I had with the large
> disks was the partitioning, my AmigaDOS tool could not handle large disks
> well, I had to type in sector numbers to at least create one or two amiga
> partitions, the rest was done in Linux.

True. There was somewhen a new device driver or something like that which
enabled Amigas to use larger disks properly. Should be easy to find on
Aminet, iirc. 
> For my Amiga I just bought a flash-IDE converter (one for CF, one for SD)
> and a 4GB flash card for them. This should show up as a regular IDE disk on
> the machine, which I hope can be partitioned and made bootable, and maybe
> even used as Linux root partition. And can be backed up easily, and, in the
> case of the CF card, can be exchanged quickly without opening the case.
> After christmas I might have some time to play with this, I will let you
> know how it goes. That could be the new boot disk for crest and kullervo, if
> they can boot from IDE.

Kullervo can't. It's an A3000 and as every serious Amiga before the A4000 it
only has SCSI onboard. So, to boot from CF you'd need a CF to IDE adapter
and then again an IDE to SCSI adapter. I don't think that this would work
without problems. ;-) 

But yes, CF would be a nice and cheap way to boot from. Basically, a very
small 64 MB flash would be sufficient for AmigaOS... 

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