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Re: kullervo up again

Ingo Juergensmann ha scritto:
Kullervo can't. It's an A3000 and as every serious Amiga before
 the A4000 it
only has SCSI onboard. So, to boot from CF you'd need a CF to IDE
and then again an IDE to SCSI adapter. I don't think that this
 would work
without problems. ;-)
I do have such a setup, CF->IDE->SCSI, on my Commodore CDTV system (Amiga 500 based) and it works like a charm, with a Kingston branded CF. I heard of issues with some CF brands, not because of the IDE->SCSI thing but for the CF->IDE step (most people want to use CF on Amiga 1200). The SCSI chip on my CDTV unit is the AMD 33C93A which should be quite similar to the Amiga 3000 controller. SCSI to IDE bridge is an ACard one.
Just my € 0.01 :-)

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