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Re: kullervo up again

On Tue, Dec 09, 2008 at 12:42:04PM +0100, Ingo Juergensmann wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 09, 2008 at 12:11:21PM +0100, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> > The new disks in crest and kullervo did both boot on my Amiga2000/B2060, but
> > they did not boot in crest or kullervo. There must be a difference between
> > the SCSI controllers and large disks. The main problem I had with the large
> > disks was the partitioning, my AmigaDOS tool could not handle large disks
> > well, I had to type in sector numbers to at least create one or two amiga
> > partitions, the rest was done in Linux.
> True. There was somewhen a new device driver or something like that which
> enabled Amigas to use larger disks properly. Should be easy to find on
> Aminet, iirc. 

I remember the driver, but I think it expired, not sure if there ever was a
version which does not expire. But I think I setup the new disks without
such a driver.
> > For my Amiga I just bought a flash-IDE converter (one for CF, one for SD)
> > and a 4GB flash card for them. This should show up as a regular IDE disk on
> > the machine, which I hope can be partitioned and made bootable, and maybe
> > even used as Linux root partition. And can be backed up easily, and, in the
> > case of the CF card, can be exchanged quickly without opening the case.
> > After christmas I might have some time to play with this, I will let you
> > know how it goes. That could be the new boot disk for crest and kullervo, if
> > they can boot from IDE.
> Kullervo can't. It's an A3000 and as every serious Amiga before the A4000 it
> only has SCSI onboard. So, to boot from CF you'd need a CF to IDE adapter
> and then again an IDE to SCSI adapter. I don't think that this would work
> without problems. ;-) 

I still have one IDE-SCSI adapter, I could try in my Amiga, but that would
be no proof if kulervo could boot like this also. Also the latest kernels do
not support SCSI, at least not on the Bliizard2060, or has that been fixed?
> But yes, CF would be a nice and cheap way to boot from. Basically, a very
> small 64 MB flash would be sufficient for AmigaOS... 

It is difficult to get those, but 2GB, even 4GB  are cheaper than the
adapter. That is sufficient space for installing AmigaOS and a small Linux


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