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Re: m68k netinst cd's

On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 12:41:41AM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
>>> - paths on TOS are using the backslash as separator, so the bootstrap
>>> failed to locate the ramdisk and bailed out. Copying the bootargs and
>>> bootstrap to HD and editing it fixed this.
>> Can you tell me what the bootargs file should look like?
> Just replace / by \ everywhere, that should do it. I've done pretty much 
> the same, just changed the kernel image path to refer to the CD drive 
> using an absolute path (copying the kernel images to HD would have messed 
> up the names).

Okay that should be in the next dailies.

>>> - EtherNEC hangs with interrupts from stopped card - ethernec needs to be
>>> built as a module, not compiled in for the time being. I've tried to fix
>>> this in the driver, but no success so far.

Okay that's queued for 2.6.26-7. I'm going to try to build that soon for
the dailies and because it will require a d-i change. So this might take
a bit yet.

> Yep. With the modules in the initrd, it'll work even better. :-)

Fer sure.



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