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Re: Installing with D-I from d-ports.org

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 09:52:40PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:

> During installation you basically want to avoid displaying the mirror 
> list. But you also want to allow users to use a local mirror.

I've always wondered why there wasn't an option to set a local mirror
interactively. I've had the occasion on one-off installs to need to use
a local mirror, but had to restart the installer with preseeding. Is it
just that nobody ever wrote the code?

> Easiest solution for that is probably to use "initrd preseeding" [1].
> This should do the above and avoid the need to modify any components.
> The preseed file should contain the following three lines (ignoring 
> security mirrors for now as you only have unstable):
> d-i mirror/country string manual
> d-i mirror/http/hostname string debian-ports.org
> d-i mirror/http/hostname seen false
> The first line ensures that the country list is not displayed. The last 
> two lines ensure that the hostname _is_ asked, but has the correct 
> default.
> The preseed file can be included in the images by using a mechanism that 
> was in place for the Etch installer, but which has been dropped in trunk. 
> Check out installer/build from the etch branch, and see the unstable.cfg 
> file and grep for "PRESEED_SUITE".
> IMO it should be no problem to again add something like that for d-ports.
> The variable (DEBIAN_PORTS maybe?) could simply be set in config/m68k.cfg.

Sounds like a reasonable solution.

Interesting that I hadn't really thought about *that* bit of the switch
to debian-ports. I use approx, so I changed it once and forgot about it.



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