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Re: m68k netinst cd's

Hi Stephen,

- paths on TOS are using the backslash as separator, so the bootstrap
failed to locate the ramdisk and bailed out. Copying the bootargs and
bootstrap to HD and editing it fixed this.

Can you tell me what the bootargs file should look like?

Just replace / by \ everywhere, that should do it. I've done pretty much the same, just changed the kernel image path to refer to the CD drive using an absolute path (copying the kernel images to HD would have messed up the names).

- EtherNEC hangs with interrupts from stopped card - ethernec needs to be
built as a module, not compiled in for the time being. I've tried to fix
this in the driver, but no success so far.


Yep. With the modules in the initrd, it'll work even better. :-)


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