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Installing with D-I from d-ports.org

Someone asked on IRC a few weeks back how to do this. I asked to mail the 
question to the list, but that never happened (which IMO is silly).

Anyway, I happened to be thinking about that yesterday and thought I'd 
just spontaneously share my thoughts with you.

As always in D-I there are a few thousand possible solutions, ranging from 
ugly hacks to elegant written code. My suggestion would be to use an 
elegant hack, at least for the time being.

The only problem is during installation. During build, assuming the build 
host points to d-ports, everything should work fine.

During installation you basically want to avoid displaying the mirror 
list. But you also want to allow users to use a local mirror.

Easiest solution for that is probably to use "initrd preseeding" [1].
This should do the above and avoid the need to modify any components.

The preseed file should contain the following three lines (ignoring 
security mirrors for now as you only have unstable):
d-i mirror/country string manual
d-i mirror/http/hostname string debian-ports.org
d-i mirror/http/hostname seen false

The first line ensures that the country list is not displayed. The last 
two lines ensure that the hostname _is_ asked, but has the correct 

The preseed file can be included in the images by using a mechanism that 
was in place for the Etch installer, but which has been dropped in trunk. 
Check out installer/build from the etch branch, and see the unstable.cfg 
file and grep for "PRESEED_SUITE".
IMO it should be no problem to again add something like that for d-ports.
The variable (DEBIAN_PORTS maybe?) could simply be set in config/m68k.cfg.



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