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Re: [patch 3/2] m68k: Atari EtherNAT - add writew_be for data push

Hi Michael,

> And I was wondering all the time who the Atari expert was who didn't
> make it to the meeting :-)


>>> Is there a MiNT driver for the USB port on the EtherNAT as well? That
>>> might be useful to tackle next.
>> Unfortunately not. There is only a closed source beta mouse driver.
>> http://www.janthomas.org.uk/
> That won't help much ...

Well, I knew that, I just wanted to show in which state usb drivers for
EtherNat are.

> Why not transfer code the other way this time :-) Though I did not use
> the MiNT driver source beyond figuring out what ethernet chip is used,
> and to glance the register base address ...

May I ask why? I mean FreeMiNT is open source as well.

> Anyway, in this case asking the EtherNAT developers for information
> regarding USB HCD base address and interrupts is perhaps the easiest
way forward.

Or perhaps you can get more information from Lyndon Amsdon
(http://hardware.atari.org/netusbee/netus.htm). Rumours are spread that
Netusbee uses the same chip as EtherNat. :-)

In case you like to find someone who should test your drivers with both
EtherNat and Netusbee you know whom to ask. :-)

The only disadvantage is that I still don't have a running debian/m68k
machine due to the fact that the installer refused to work on my machine.



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