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Re: [patch 3/2] m68k: Atari EtherNAT - add writew_be for data push

Hi Frank,

Comments welcome (is there anyone on this list with access to an
EtherNAT card,
besides cts and myself?).

Here (but I guess you already knew that?).

Sure - I wasn't sure whether you still followed the list though.

Regarding performance afforded by having a 100 Mbit PHY instead of a
10 Mbit

EtherNAT: 210 KB/s out, 140 KB/s in (scp of a 35 MB vmlinux file)
EtherNEC: 175 KB/s out, 128 KB/s in (same file)

Hardly worth it, eh?

Depends, with MiNT speed differences are more impressive:

Falcon/AB040 or /ct60 with EtherNEC:
80k/sec Internet or 350k/sec local ftp server

I guess I will have to switch tp FTP to eliminate the ssh overhead. I cannot seem to reproduce my receive speed anyway, the tests were done with both cards running (different subnets though) so who knows what happened.

Falcon/ct60 with EtherNAT:
500k/sec Internet or 1.200k/sec local ftp server

Perhaps there is room for optimization?

Using interrupts on the EtherNAT would be a good starting point. I get hundreds of RX overrun kernel messages, that's another bottleneck.

I'll have to clean up the code quite a bit to make it acceptable before I'll start on interrupts. Still have to test whether it all works when compiled in, too.

Is there a MiNT driver for the USB port on the EtherNAT as well? That might be useful to tackle next.


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