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Re: [buildd] releasing lenny


Regarding archive administration - I suppose Stephen has access to that
as well? I would not mind trying my hand at it either if more backup is

At the moment, all I have access to is buildd_m68k. I'll happily
share that, send me an ssh key. :)

I'll send the keys q650 and hobbes used so far, is that what you mean?

We've also got to find changes for the list at
<http://debian-ports.org/~aurel32/m68k_missing_changes>. For whatever
reason they are keeping us from syncing the archive. Otherwise we'll
have to rebuild them. I'm guessing they aren't on merkel, but I haven't
looked yet. At least some of them should be able to come out of the
buildd logs too. Anyone? Anyone?

I'll see what I can find in the log archive on buildd.d.o. Not to mention my changes archive :-)


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