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Re: [buildd] releasing lenny


On Thu, 4 Sep 2008, Stephen R Marenka wrote:

Michael Casadevall believes we can stage lenny on dports. However, he'll
need upload rights to make that happen.

Per the Kiel meeting, we established that dd's would need to control the
archive and machines.

Since our lenny will never be part of debian. I don't see a risk to the
archive, so long as his uploads are restricted to lenny.

What we risk in this manner is arguing that our lenny packages should be considered untainted when it comes to re-including m68k in Debian. That's only going to be a problem if we succeed in catching up while lenny packages are still potentially useful.

(It's also a problem if we are not barred from re-releasing by other rules anyway - think availability of HW, fewer than x buildds, whatever ftpmaster comes up with. We've been there.)

If you see a chance of reapplying during the next release cycle, we would need to have all lenny uploads signed by one of us. Can this be handled in a similar manner like uploads by people still in the new maintainer process?

OTOH, I'm complicating things without need here. We'll burn that bridge when we get there.


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