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Re: New amiga install - a few questions

On Wed, Sep 03, 2008 at 07:40:22PM +0300, Emmanuel Vasilakis wrote:

> A3000 (060, Picasso IV, X-Surf, Algor) this time. However I noticed that  
> there is no up-to-date information for an end user like me. I'd like to  
> fill this gap. So I'm setting out to try and install it and document the  
> procedure along the way. I'm also interested in Gentoo/m68k which seems  
> to have made it's way through to some Amigas, although again with almost  
> nothing in regards to information and documentation.

I'm always interested in what users would like to see. I'll happily roll
such information into our upstream if possible.

> So, I set up http://www.linuxonamiga.org , mainly to have a scratch pad  
> for my notes, and provide some docs for an end user who is interested to  
> try it out and even some basic support if I manage to work it out (and  
> of course some testing for your work if you wish :-) )

It *totally* needs testing! :)



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