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Re: Coldfire Boards


On Mon, 1 Sep 2008, Kurt Mahan wrote:

> You are using an old BSP.  The new BSP I released for these boards uses
> uBoot, not dBug.

I found m547x_8x_evb_20080811-final-ltib.iso, but it doesn't mention the 
M5474LITE anywhere. Is it still supported?
I don't have the BDM module right now, so I'm also a bit reluctant to 
experiment with boot loaders.

In the image I couldn't find any consistent kernel source, which includes 
all the CF patches. The patches in the pkg dir look more like, as if they 
had been extracted from a git repository. They seem to be pretty much only 
useful for reference, but not so much for building a kernel or even 
At this point I'd prefer a single kernel patch against a base kernel of 
your choice. From this further patches can be extracted, which then could 
be merged after some more cleanup.

bye, Roman

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